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Talk Guidelines

Short Talk and Speed Talk guidelines

If you have been selected to give a Short Talk or Speed Talk at the 45th FEBS Congress, please find below the guidelines to prepare your presentation. You will receive an email from the virtual platform at the beginning of June to upload it, as well as further details about presenting live through the virtual platform with support from technical staff. 

You can visit the FEBS 2021 Programme page to find out the date and time of your presentation: Short Talks are integrated in the Symposia, and Speed Talks are programmed in Speed Talk Sessions. NB: Speed Talk presenters also need to prepare a poster.

File type: PPTX/PPT

Aspect ratio: 16:9 (how to change aspect ratio in PowerPoint)

Font size: At least 18–20 pt

Template: You are welcome to use your own PowerPoint template as no unified template is given.

Length: Number of slides is not limited but please make sure your talk will not exceed the assigned limit shown below. To help you with that you will see a countdown during your live presentation.
Short Talks (15 minutes slot): 12 minutes for presentation, with 3 minutes for questions
Speed Talks (5 minutes slot): 4 minutes for presentation, with 1 minute for questions

Guidelines for talks from invited speakers

Plenary lecturers, Symposia speakers and Special Session speakers will be contacted individually by early June with full instructions.         

Speed Talk Prizes

Prizes for two outstanding speed talks at the 45th FEBS Congress will be awarded by FEBS Open Bio. A panel of jurors appointed by the journal will watch each shortlisted speed talk and judge it based on the interest and novelty of the work and the quality of the presentation. Each winner will receive €200, to be presented at the Congress Closing Ceremony.


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